An effective, wholistic “NOTA”



The option of ‘None of the Above’ (NOTA) has been introduced in various elections in India. Citizens can vote for NOTA if they do not like to give their vote to any of the candidates who are there in the list. NOTA comes last in the list of candidates. However, NOTA is only symbolic.

Even if NOTA receives the highest number of votes in an election, NOTA will not be considered the winner. The winner will be the candidate who receives the second-highest number of votes.

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Ideas for electoral reforms


Election process can be improved in a number of ways.

Reusable, recyclable, bio-degradable materials can be used for election campaigns. The usage of single-use disposables, plastic flex materials etc. can be avoided.

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Electoral Reforms in India – Discussion, Version 2017


Discussions about electoral reforms have restarted, due to the President and Prime Minister of India inviting attention to conducting the national and state elections simultaneously. You are invited to give your comments and ideas related to electoral reforms.

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